Thursday, September 5, 2013

Flames of Construction

It has been a long since I last posted!  The home is still under construction, with a new firewood insert stove coming and a master bath tiled.  Still working at SJD and Monticello Temple and walking with a friend, cook less often and look at Pinterest more often, but I get a lot of good ideas and jump up and implement them as fast as I can!  Have spent time with the kids and grandkids, playing at parks, walking, sliding, eating, jumping on the tramp, geez it sounds like I am a kid again.  Except the bills keep coming and the house needs cleaning and laundry still needs to be done but alas, not as much time is spent doing those things and Liz noticed when she visited last, she says, "I don't want your home to be like an old grandma's where it is dirty and smells!   Ah, Ah, the smell of dirty diapers, food on the floor by the high chair, on the wall, diapers on the floor and kids slobber from their naps on the couch!  Life is good!  That kind of home I am familiar with, I just need to get rid of the smell and light film of sheetrock dust and mud texture and rotting food in the fridge because with just the two of us the food rots before it gets eaten.  And sometimes I forget to take the laundry out of the washing machine and into the dryer, fortunately the weather here is dry and no mold yet.  It is a nice break to leave the home and the town and fly off to someone else's home, and cook and clean and remember to get the laundry out of the washing machine and get back to the old familiar diaper smell and kids runny noses and noises, then home again to late night movies and eating in front of the tv.  However, I am getting a flame of change rising to the surface from the smoldering earthiness beneath this mortal woman.  I want to study, learn, grow, work my mind so to speak and not just my body, progress, jumpstart myself in a way that is familiar but different.  The book group is starting up again and I look forward to that, maybe a different day at the temple maybe attending as a patron once a month, scripture study, really studying, checking out the Hebrew words and meanings be a Bruce R. McConkie! This is fun I see that I have just typed a whole paragraph, I must need to talk, where's my husband? he won't listen, I'll wait until he gets home around 9:30 pm and set my ipad up while he watches a movie and plan on our next construction adventure!  See you later - maybe a lot later!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Life has been fun these past few years that I have not written on the blog, we have had weddings, grandbabies, remodeling projects, funerals, baby blessings, road trips to Maryland, work; including, farming, gardening, ranching, plumbing, dental assisting and church, a trip to the emergency room in Monticello and an operation in Grand Junction, cupcakes, wedding cakes, baptisms, family staying with us, etc., etc.

In a month we will have our only son married to a wonderful woman who shares Dustin's sisters name and his other sisters birthday, no one could blend more fully than Natalie has with our family.  We thank her for loving our son and wish to get to know her and have her be a member of our family!



We are home and back to Work

It has been a great month, first General Conference, then Asher's baptism, then Juston Pace's wedding, then a Super Saturday with 4th ward. Now we can relax in the construction zone at home for a day or two. I just put a new finish on the wood floor upstairs in the hallway, the second coat will go on tomorrow then we will hang the bedroom doors and begin moving the furniture back into the north bedroom so we can texture the ceiling in the south room and refinish the floor. WOW, then Dustin and Liz can have huge rooms of their own until everyone else comes to visit!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Family and Friends,

Well Jared is on a roll, he keeps going, going, going! We poured new cement on the front porch, tore up the wall behind the front door for plumbing a bathroom upstairs and this evening he's tearing off the sheet rock upstairs to begin the new bathroom. This weekend we will shop for a new front door while Jared helps Janell and Trent finish up the bathroom in their basement. The weather has been so good to us that we were able to get all this done without the freezing weather.

Feel free to come visit anytime and enjoy our new walk through bathroom upstairs and try the handle on the new front door! OK, well come visit sometime around Christmas, but if he keeps going like this you may be able to come before Thanksgiving!

Love to you all,

Becky and Jared

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Feng Shui continues....METAL personality says I am orderly, just, set high (for myself and others) standards, intuitively know what works and what does not. I am inflexible in demands, faithful to my ideals and self -motivated. Strong directorial abilities, positive sense of determination, excellent communication abilities (thanks DAD), powerful financial aptitudes (thanks MOM).

When I am faced with difficulties I retreat into myself, preferring my own counsel to that of others. I am single minded which could make me a loner-upon being a loner I become sad and melancholy. I am proud to a fault, on the other hand, I appreciate harmony and balanced order. I have excellent social skills (Joe!) and am most loyal and caring in love (I love you ALL). My home should be elegant and neat (Janell). I should decorate generally with square, round and oval shapes, with broad surfaces (for all my stuff), flowing lines and patterns, colors of earth (green), metal (silver), water.

Imaginative and fun- loving I like to entertain and be entertained. I am mild and elegant in manner, charming and sensitive. I have a natural aptitude to influence others. I am quick witted (thanks to Ang), communicative (see previous thanks to DAD) and share pleasures freely and openly(thanks Lavinia). I am an artist of love(wow what does that mean?) (should I thank Jared for that one?) I enjoy what is most exquisite. My partner should be as sociable as I am and his aims should be in perfect harmony with mine. I am blessed with the natural gift for negotiating that will always allow myself and my partner to act happily as equals??? The world has much to learn from me in this respect!

If I have a partner who is not responsive or willing to be open with me I will begin to react by becoming fickle and deceptive(EEEEWWWW watch out). I need to be careful not to confuse myself. (HA) The key is to cultivate my beauty and self-esteem( could use a new house). I am to be sincere; honest with myself and I need a playmate. I need to cultivate a fine sense of aesthetics to maintain health. (that new house might do it). I positively respond to fine perfumes (thanks JARED), delicate tastes, beautiful art, fine clothing, fine music. Excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures can lead to illnesses of the mouth, teeth, stomach, intestines, kidneys...etc.

Symbolic associations: The lake, running water(that's why I like washing dishes by hand), joyousness, pleasure, leisure, playfulness, parties, dancing(in the kitchen), singing (in the shower and kitchen), the enchantress, the lovers, the sheep.

So there you have it...I like that description of me. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Feng Shui Anyone?

Feng I am FIRE! Love it self is vital to my happiness, I am artistically inclined and home should be a place of beauty and warmth, not necessarily a place to entertain all the time.

I love my privacy and a place that delights the senses. I have a positive mental state, I am courteous, I have zeal, joy, love, negativity, hyperactivity, confusion, impulsiveness, rashness.

Occupations: fine arts, garden designing, medical arts (I dental assist, I haven't started sketching teeth yet), teaching, inventing, math????, electronic computers*, cooking, accounting????(I like to count)...occasionally involve the use of FIRE, (we heat our home, not exclusively, with a fireplace but almost).

Shapes: triangular, mostly my hair doos! Arch, pointed roofs or spires (temples?) radiant patterns, cheerful displays of flowers and works of art, (OK Angela you were right about the impressionist painting).

Weather???: is HOT, I thought I was, yes, I get hot, red and irritated.

Parts of HOME: heating system, hearth, stove, (kitchen), living room, porch, patio, gardens.
SOOOOOO, this describes me pretty well....WHAT DO YOU THINK?